JOHN DASSIEU - Creative Director

John is a graphic designer, event planner, musician, and environmental activist, responsible for effortlessly juggling event/concert planning and execution, program development, artist hospitality, marketing and promotion, specific project coordination, and much of the graphic design work. With an unorthodox eye for original combinations that create lasting impressions, John's touch of magic brings sound and sight together in dazzling balance. His intuition and creativity is part of what makes him an ideal fit at Boylan Studios.

Over the years, in several countries, John has hosted exhibitions, benefit concerts, executed and designed corporate and social events for clients that include non-profit organizations, individuals and families, high-profile celebrities, Fortune 500 corporations and the most successful brands in the world, providing unforgettable memories and bringing the art of creativity and personalization to every event. From the boardroom to the dance floor, John will assist you in making an impression on your clients, friends and colleagues, with a unique event.