LIZ MARCHI - Head of Marketing

With a burning passion for detail and a 'can do' attitude, Liz relishes the challenge of complex logistics. This is hardly surprising, considering she started out as a computer programmer. With a smile that lights up the room, Liz is much loved by her colleagues for her great attitude and her sales skills. She enjoys acting "behind" the scenes, connecting with international magazines, blogs and websites to distribute images and articles of the latest trends and events at Boylan Studios.

Liz is outgoing, hardworking, dependable, and eager to learn and grow professionally in the events and entertainment industry. She is an exceedingly sociable young woman, who really has a way with people. Liz is a perfectionist, and always ensures she pays attention to all the intricate details, and only has the peace of mind when everything is just right. She is a creative thinker who tends to explore alternative solutions to problems and has an open mind as to what will work best. Her efficiency and skill in organization enables her to be highly productive. Liz is a talented individual and someone to watch out for in the events industry.