NANCY DOHERTY - Founder and President

An entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word, Nancy has been overseeing the dynamic growth of Boylan Studios since its launch. A workaholic pioneer with two decades spent managing one of America's leading tourism operations, Nancy's considerable experience is fuelled by her passion for creating and managing projects. With her combination of fresh thinking and industry experience, Nancy is admired by many for her boundless energy and enthusiasm. Her charismatic leadership makes her a loved and esteemed role model, highly respected by her crew.

Nancy has imbued Boylan Studios with her dedication to high business standards. Her commitment to demonstrating an industry-leading attitude to responsible and ethical business led her to strive for the delivery of 'green' events, by initiating that all medium to large scale events be proposed with solutions for carbon offsetting whilst maintaining a commitment to reinvest profit into local community projects and charities.